For those who know me...

You know that I enjoy making flying fun for everyone, whether you're in the cockpit with me or watching along on my YouTube channel.

Before starting my channel I watched aviation videos and noticed they were all missing something:

The key ingredients; fun, laughter, & enjoyment! It's these ingredients that set me apart not only as a YouTube aviator but a pilot and flight instructor too.

My mission..

My passion for aviation became a passion for helping any and all that want to make this wonderful and crazy world of aviation a part of their lives.

It's no secret that I laugh (some would say "cackle") and smile on every single flight. My mission is to create an environment for my students and viewers that encourages learning, promotes growth, gives independence, cultivates safety and most importantly allows for the lighthearted moments. It is those moments that allow us to truly enjoy flying. And it’s those moments that you’ll only find here at LewDix Aviation.

So with all that being said, please feel free to stroll about the site, sit back, relax, and most importantly....

Welcome to the Sky!