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LewDix Aviation

LewDix Aviation Checklists

LewDix Aviation Checklists

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Every pilot needs a checklist and there's no better than a LewDix Aviation Checklist. Each list is derived from the POH of each aircraft and presented clearly on a sturdy, 6x9 card.

With my years of experience using checklists while flying I have always found them to be tough to follow and many things in a sequence that doesn't flow naturally. I changed that with my checklists. You'll find them easy to read, easy to follow, fun to use and the premium quality will ensure it lasts for a long time. 

There are plenty of aircraft options to choose from and more on the way soon!


  • Checklists are optimized for aircraft with standard instrumentation (not G1000).
  • Checklists are optimized for use in the USA.


  • Permission for the use of this checklist is granted only to the purchaser.
  • Redistribution of this checklist is prohibited.
  • The purchaser agrees that the use of this document is not a substitute for the procedures listed in the aircraft operating manual.
  • LewDix Aviation bears no liability for the use of this checklist.

*Ensure your shipping address is full and correct. No refunds or replacement products will be provided if shipment is sent to an incorrect address provided by the customer at checkout. 

*Expect a minimum of 3 days after ordering before receiving shipping confirmation.

*Expect delays for orders outside the USA.


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